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elopement afterwedding shoot norway

After wedding shoot, elopement in Norway

This is not an elopement but it sure looks like it.
Stefan and Michelle have been crazy about Norway for years.
When their wedding plans accelerated due to private circumstances, they thought it would be nice to get married in an intimate setting in the Netherlands and then go on an extensive trip through Norway.
While planning this trip, they looked at the possibilities to include ‘our region’ in their route. Because they wanted their wedding photos to be taken in Norway.
We reserved 3 dates on our calender. In this way we could choose the best day on which this adventure would take place.
Because it had to be an adventure. A cool experience on cool locations, which they can look back on for years to come.
During our honeymoon conversation, I asked them what area or type of nature they really like. Norway is incredibly versatile and in ‘our region’ we also have plenty of opportunities to do a varied shoot.
On their list were woods, mountains with a view and maybe a waterfall too.
In the week before the shoot, I started scouting locations more intensively. This is because nature was just starting to sprout during this period. Then it makes a huge difference at what height you are. Of course I also wanted to find locations at a reasonable distance from each other.
When all this was arranged, all we had to do was wait for the weather app to predict good weather. This turned out to be a challenge…

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On the evening we chose the weather was beautiful, although it had just rained. Of course you will get dirty a little sooner, but the advantage of these ‘after-wedding’ photos is that that is no longer a bad thing. And this after rain hour  created a very nice atmosphere, which I was very happy with.

We started in the valley, after which we drove up the mountain. At the cabin area with nice typical Norwegian cabins, we still had very nice light.
Of course I also wanted to work with their cool roof tent and Stefan unfolded it with love. So cool!! Gerben was immediately inspired and wanted one as well.
In the meantime we already saw hard blowing clouds passing by, but I kept hoping that they would blow over soon.

The final amazing spot would be on top of the mountain, at sunset. At least, that was the idea… Unfortunately, the further we drove up, the more we ended up in the fog. We decided to wait. It started to rain very hard and our car shook from the wind.
When I asked if they were doing well in their own car, they sent me a picture of them watching Netflix.

“Ohhh, that’s nice. They have patience”.

So we also waited patiently. But it was still gray. Nothing 2 see.

In the end, things seemed to get a little better on the weather forecast app.
It was now or never because it was getting late.

I’m so glad we waited and still managed to get these photos. The weather gives a powerful, dramatic effect, which I really like.