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Get to know me

Hi, my name is Marije Baan. In 2015 I made a big decision. I quit my job as a teacher, to find my true joy. In 2019 we made the second big decison and moved from The Netherlands to Norway!

Important aspects are:

  • outdoor lifestyle

  • being pure and honest for myself and others

  • being creative

  • building and feeling a true connection with people

I discovered that I find a lot of these things in being a wedding photograper and photographing loveshoots.

I love to go to beautiful places in nature to create pure, romantic and natural images.



Wedding at  “Het Laer in Ommen”

Wedding at “Het Laer in Ommen”

“Hé, you’ve got a red beard!”, Mindy said when they first met; Euhh, yes, and my hair is red as well”, Bastiaan answered a little stubborn. This is how the lovestory between this very sweet couple began. Can Bastiaan act stubborn? I didn’t notice that at all!

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A Totally Styled Barn Wedding

A Totally Styled Barn Wedding

“We want to do everything different than average”, that’s what this couple told us when we first met. “We are planning a barn wedding at the house of my parents; the place where my grandmother got married as well…We want a big tent, hay and lot’s of styling AND oven baked pizza’s as dinner!”

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Wedding at the “Losse Hoes” in Holten, Netherlands

Wedding at the “Losse Hoes” in Holten, Netherlands

On june the 21th, the big day arrived for Kevin and Kiona. For this wedding we traveled to Nieuwleusen, where the day started.

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