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Get to know me

Hi, my name is Marije Baan. In 2015 I made a big decision. I quit my job as a teacher, to find my true joy. In 2019 we made the second big decison and moved from The Netherlands to Norway!

Important aspects are:

  • outdoor lifestyle

  • being pure and honest for myself and others

  • being creative

  • building and feeling a true connection with people

I discovered that I find a lot of these things in being a wedding photograper and photographing loveshoots.

I love to go to beautiful places in nature to create pure, romantic and natural images.



Loveshoot Norway, Fefor Høyfjellshotel

Loveshoot Norway, Fefor Høyfjellshotel

This couple is going to get married right in the middle of their hometowns. Can you guess where they used to live? 😉

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Weddingphotography Vågå og Rondane Høyfjellshotel

Weddingphotography Vågå og Rondane Høyfjellshotel

Our first Norwegian wedding is a fact. We are beyond proud, and grateful that Bente and Aksel, ‘dared’ to hire us as their wedding photographers. But as we in NL say; if one sheep is over the bridge…..many will follow! So let’s hope so…:-)))

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corona and wedding

corona and wedding

Hi wedding couple to be, I will just dive right into it! This crisis hits us all very hard!! I feel very much for you wedding couples! It’s so sad that YOUR DAY, that you’ve been looking forward to, planning and saved for, for so long, is now not so sure to happen. I can imagine, this gives you a lot of stress and to be honest, it gives us a lot of stress as well!

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Gerben & Marije Baan

Skarven 40

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