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After wedding photography Norway

Marieke and Mo love adventure. Traveling and experience freedom, place your camper on a quiet spot and just enjoy each other and all the beauty of nature.

I got in touch with them because they planned their trip to Norway. Marieke has her own bridal boutique called

Japon vintage trouwjurken

She would love to do a wedding photo shoot in the mountains of Norway in one of her dresses.

In June they came to our region. The night is hardly dark then and so we could enjoy a long summer evening during the adventure I had planned for them.

We started preparing, in a very idyllic spot near the water.

Because their van found the mountain a bit steep, we continued in our car. I had come up with a nice mountain road where we would encounter both high mountains with a view and a beautiful lake. Here I had arranged that we could also use a fishing boat. This couple was brave enough to enter the boat, even though they had no experience with a rowing boat at all!

Thanks to:


Dress and styling of the guys: Marieke van Japon vintage trouwjurken

Flowers: Nature

Photography and planning: Marije Baan