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Tips to prepare for your weddingphotography

you’re probably already very well prepared for your big day. I will you some tips here, because maybe there’s something you haven’t thought of yet. the tips are given and based on the experience we have gained in all these years as wedding photographers, and can help make a difference to your whole day, and ensure that the photos get the desired end result.

Getting ready- bride

Choose a room with enough daylight and make sure it is tidy. A messy room can cause a lot of distraction in the photos. It can be a good idea to create a specific place for the hairdresser and makeup artist to put their things.

When choosing a room, it’s good to be aware of the following things. The room should have:

  • As much space as possible
  • A (large) window without direct sunlight
  • Neutral colors


It helps to pay extra attention to what you’re wearing before you can put on the dress. It may be best to leave your pyjamas at home 😉

You can also give this tip to others who are there, such as your hairdresser, friends or family. They will thank you afterwards.

Getting ready: Groom

Wait to get ready until Gerben is there.
It’s a good idea to already gather your things in one place inside the room:
– Your suit
– Your tie
– After shave
– Special buttons
– Shoes
– Socks
– Belt
-or other personal/extra items you want to bring with you.
Enjoy yourself and have fun with your groomsmen or family in attendance.

The coupleshoot

Tips to bring:

  • A bottle of water
  • A blanket for chilly moments
  • Extra shoes to keep your wedding shoes clean
  • Some snacks to eat
  • Bubbles and glasses to toast
  • Make-up

The ceremony

Cell phone:

It’s a good idea to think about what your “rules” are regarding cell phones during the ceremony.

Here is an example of what others say to their guests:

  • “We don’t want any phones during the ceremony, we want you to enjoy the moment and we would like to see your faces and not your screen.”
  • “Please use your phones during breaks.”
  • “We have great photographers, so relax and enjoy the moment without your phone.”

It’s up to you, of course, but make sure your guests know your wishes.

For us as photographers, it’s best if the guests are photographed without their faces hidden behind their phone screens 😉

Pinterest has very good and stylish tips on this too.

Search: “phone wedding” to get inspired.

The rings:

It’s not only the best men who play an important role, but also the ring bearer who comes with the rings. Here are some tips to make this a special moment too.


Children are often given this task, but also grandparents, parents or even pets can be asked to do this task.


It’s good to prepare for this moment. Where is this person coming from? Does this person need help from someone else?

It looks good if this person comes from somewhere in the back of the room. Maybe he or she can go to the back before you say “Yes”. That way there is time and space for this moment too. And for the photographers enough opportunity to take good pictures.

It’s a really good idea to practice this beforehand. Where is the ring bearer coming from? How will he deliver the rings? Will he/she stay after they have delivered the rings (we recommend this).

Put on the ring

This can be a tricky moment because your fingers may be a little swollen on a day like this. Don’t stress. This makes for beautiful photos and fun moments.

No swollen fingers? DO IT SLOWLY.

PS: if you still have your head very much in it, it’s great if you show the ring on my side without your fingers in front of it. But I totally understand if you forget this in the heat of the moment. TIP: Practice this moment

Group/family images

Of course, you’ll want some photos to remember the special guests you invited to your wedding.


When your ceremony is in a church, you might feel that you need to take these photos outside the church. But think about this for a moment:

-The light is the leading factor for the location we can use, so this may mean we have to go to the churchyard part.

-The church is often very tall, so it’s either the whole church with you as mini people or just a church wall with your guests as recognizable people.

– Maybe the dinner venue is a better place?

The list

We recommend that the list is no longer than 15 different groups.

This is because in our experience:

– You get bored quickly 🙂

– There is often little time for this group session.

-If the list is long and it gets stressful , there is no room for creativity that results in only traditional, posed images.

An idea.

You can also choose to just take the traditional photos in a sequence and give the rest of the guests a spontaneous chance to take a photo with you later in the day.