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elopement norge

Wedding venabygdsfjellet, Norway

Welcome to the wedding of Olivia and Aden. An american couple, living in Norway.

They invited their family and friends from America to celebrate this day with them.

“Thank you for Friday. It was such a pleasure having you as our photographer. We felt so comfortable and you put up with all our randomness and strange wedding things so well”

We were so glad to hear that Olivia and Aden only needed to see one website to already be sure that they wanted us for their wedding day. And the whole experience has been such a pleasure. During their engagementsession we met them and their dog-child Loon.

We found out that they love adventures and nature and of course we wanted to include this on their wedding day.

When we first spoke they told me, the whole experience of their day was the most important for them and they were not that much into couple images. But after talking to them about what kind of an experience this could be, they were even looking forward to these hours; Spending some time alone in nature and having fun together.

Their day started with a hike to a waterfall. Unfortunately we weren’t there yet, but of course I had the engagementphotos that we took near a waterfall as well.

I felt a small bit of stress when we only had 45 minutes before the ‘first look’ and Olivia hadn’t even started with her hair and make-up yet.

But she knows herself very well and honestly, I have never seen anybody do their make-up this fast. 🙂

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After a special moment with their parents it was time for the first look outside the church where the ceremony would be, later that day. 

And then it was time for their couple-photo’s in nature. The wind was blowing like crazy and yes it was cold. But who cares when you see these images?

We had such a great time, but after imagining warm beaches, we really had to go back and warm up a bit before the ceremony started.

All the family, friends and Loon, were now dressed up and ready for the ceremony. 

Outside the church there was a surprise, because a horse and carriage were waiting to bring them to Lundes, to celebrate the rest of the day. A great surprise for animal-lovers like this couple.