down on your knee to propose

Frieri i Rondane

It was so cool to get an email, that said: «I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me in Norway, and I would like you to help me organize it»

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Bryllup vågå og Rondane Høyfjellshotel

Our first Norwegian wedding is a fact. We are beyond proud, and grateful that Bente and Aksel, ‘dared’ to hire us as their wedding photographers. But as we in NL say; if one sheep is over...

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Bryllup på «Het Laer i Ommen»

«Hé, you’ve got a red beard!», Mindy said when they first met; Euhh, yes, and my hair is red as well», Bastiaan answered a little stubborn. This is how the lovestory between...

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Let's be friends

Gerben & Marije Baan

Skarven 40

2630 Ringebu (Gudbrandsdalen)