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About us

When you read: “marijebaan photography”, you probably think that there is one person behind this company, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Without the unconditional support of my husband, best friend, technical expert, super creative eye and amazing second-shooter, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m so proud and happy to have him in my life!

In 2019 we took the great leap and emigrated to Norway! Gerben was able to keep his job as service engineer for Europe and I’m doing everything I can to build up my business in Norway. 

For 7 years we were dreaming and making plans, about our move and now we finally did it!!

This picture is made near our home. We have the most amazing view and the snow and light are magical! 

“We will still be photographing weddings in Holland as well ;-)”

We moved to Norway out of a passion we felt for the country and the way of life.

Not because there was anything wrong with Holland. Of course we still want to keep the connection with our family and friends. That’s why we will be in Holland on a regularly base. This makes it also possible for us to still serve our Dutch clients. 🙂

“A loveshoot in Norway is stunning, so feel free to come and visit us!”


I’m a true animal lover. Dogs and horses are my favourite. I used to have my own horses and maybe this will be possible again, now that we live here in Norway.

Our dogs, Miep and Puck give us a lot of joy everyday, although Gerben gets really irritated about the hair lying all over the place :O

Moments like This photography is born out of this love for pets and it’s my second company. Please feel free to check out my instagram if you love dogs and horses as well!


“Jack of all trades, master of none”

People say this, to someone who can do everything, but not very well.

So in photography this could mean that you photograph everything, but you’re not a specialist in anything. I do not want to be JACK :p

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to learn things the right way. Be good, become an expert..

Wedding photography and loveshoots is a specialism you cannot easily learn.

So every year I follow workshops and specialise myself more.

I’m still learning everyday and I’m loving it!

We also invest a lot in our gear, so we can offer you the highest quality!

Things we love


Our dogs, Miep en Puck


mountainbiking (Gerben)