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YES, you’re getting married!

Of course you want to celebrate this in your own, very unique way! Months of preparing; thinking about every detail, maybe with your weddingplanner or between the two of you. Your weddingday will be an amazing experience for you and the people around you. This day deserves to be captured in that same special way. Pictures will keep the memory alive, even after many years!

Choosing a weddingphotographer is not an easy choice.

Maybe these questions can help you a bit:

“Do the pictures get to us?”

“Do we like the style of photography and edit?”

“Could we have a connection with the photographers?”

It’s so nice to have a photographer you totally trust and feel comfortable with, so you can ENJOY your weddingday on the day itself and afterwards!

Images that show; YOU SHINE:-)

we are a match if:

    • You are madly in love and are not afraid to show it
    • You like to do things ‘differently’
    • You love nature and animals!!
    • You get, that details make your wedding so much more personal and special

The experience:

1: Hi, nice to meet you!

First of all, you send us an email or text message to ask if your weddingdate is still available on our calender.

If it is, we arrange a date to get to know each other better. This way you can make a well felt decision about choosing us for your wedding. For us it’s also very important to see if we can offer you what you need on your wedding day.

This date takes place through skype or, if possible, in person.

After our first conversation, I send you a proposition and when you agree we both sign a contract. From that moment on, your wedding day is set in our agenda. 

2: Loveshoot

The loveshoot is something we always include in our packages. Couples tell us all the time, that it’s so nice to have done this before their wedding day. You feel so much more at ease about being photographed this way.

It’s also a very nice opportunity to get to know each other better without the tight scedule of a wedding day.

(And actually, it’s so much fun for the two of you, to cozy up with each other and have some real pre-weddingtime together) 

3: Your wedding

Finally, the day has arrived!

We believe in capturing your entire story. That is why we already arrive when you are getting ready. Of course, for us, it’s possible to split up, so you will get photo’s of the bride and groom, while getting ready.

Keep in mind, the photosession on a beautiful location, takes about two hours.

It’s also possible to do 2 hours seperately during the day. 

The rest of the day, we photograph in a journalistic way. We are always after true emotions and special moments. So afterwards, you look back on your weddingday, with a very warm feeling in your heart. 

4: Preview social media

It’s so nice to already have some photo’s when you’re still in the vibe of your wedding day. 

I post pictures of your wedding day on social media as soon as I can, so you and your loved ones, can hold on to the positive energy you’re still feeling.

5: Online gallery

Within a month after your wedding, you will receive an online gallery, with the best, carefully selected and edited images of your wedding day.

Doing this, makes us unique, because you get the full say in which pictures you want to have in your album.

So no nasty surprises, but only the pictures you are totally happy with will make it into your album.

6: The album

Once you made your choice about the pictures, we arrange a meeting. Here you can choose your album cover and any customisation you would like to add.

During this meeting it’s also possible to order other products. For example mini albums for your parents, or a nice wall art to shine in your home. I can help you make the choice you are totally happy with!

After that, I’m going to design your album. You will also be shown a digital example of the album.

Once you’re totally happy with the design, I put the order in process. 😉

What makes us unique?

  • We always photograph weddings together. So you get two, instead of one! We are a very good team, with a lot of experience. 

  • We put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of your wedding day.

    For example, we try to go to your wedding location and photo location before the wedding, so we know what we want to do on your day without spoiling time.

    You also receive a document with tips, to prepare as well as you can for your getting ready moment. 

  • We are very happy that you’ve choosen us. For us you are special and we want to give you the attention you deserve. 

    “No shoot and burn, but full service and attention”

  • It’s our strength to blend in very well during your day. Couples and guests often find it very sad that we have to leave, because our day is finished. They saw us as one of the guests. This is the biggest compliment we can get!!

  • After your wedding day you receive an online gallery with the carefully selected and edited images of your day. 

    No squeezed selection, but all the images I choose for you.

  • You have the opportunity to select your favourite images for your album, and you also get to see the album design before it’s going to print.

    This way we make the best result together! 

  • We deliver the most beautiful, hand crafted albums and quality products.

    No maximum profit for us, but the best quality for you! 

  • If it’s possible, Gerben will fly with the drone, during the photosession, to create some special perspectives, that give your gallery that extra flavour!

What others say…

“AMAZING<3. I’m so happy. So beautiful. And it’s so nice to see everyone’s emotions. And the one with my grandmother is so wonderful. It get’s me to tears…”

Anouk and Steffan

“Omg, The pictures look soooo great! Really, so cool! I’m totally in love with the images! <3<3<3

Marianne en Gert-Jan

“We’ve just been watching the pictures and they are so beautiful!! We are so happy!”

Evi en Tom

Destination weddings

Do you have a favourite holiday destination, a dream destination or do you live abroad? We would love to come on an adventure with you!

Our heart lies in Scandinavia, but other destinations are also an option. 

A destination wedding gives your day such an extra dimension, because you make your wedding day all about the two of you. And Yes, you can!! It is after all, your day!!

Your love, celebrated on the top of a mountain, or in a beautiful little valley, or in a fairytale castle? Yes, then you also make our dreams come true 😉

Going on adventures and doing things different than expected is what gives us lots of energy! Next to that, we also experienced, that a destination wedding creates a loving intimate sphere among your guests as well. Everybody is so grateful to be a part of this. And that’s when true connection happens 🙂

Feel free to tell us about your plans and we can sit down and make a good proposition for you!