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corona and wedding

Hi wedding couple to be,

I will just dive right into it! This crisis hits us all very hard!!

I feel very much for you wedding couples! It’s so sad that YOUR DAY, that you’ve been looking forward to, planning and saved for, for so long, is now not so sure to happen. I can imagine, this gives you a lot of stress and to be honest, it gives us a lot of stress as well!

But, I’m going to try to help you with some tips:

#TIP 1: Try to stay calm and think positive. I see people already postponing their wedding in august or september. Maybe it helps to set a date together on which you are going to make a decision. Until that date, you give yourself the time to wait and see how the situation developes and it could also give you some ease, that you do not have to make a decision at this point. Set the date for example 6 weeks before your wedding.

#TIP 2: Maybe you are someone who, like me, feels better if you have a back-up plan. If our weddingdate is not possible, what will we do then? You could already get in contact with your suppliers to see what options they have.

#TIP 3: If you are going to postpone your wedding, then think of options in fall or maybe winter? Fall gives amazing colors and winter light is so beautiful!! Much better for your wedding pictures, than summer ;-p

#TIP 4: Often I hear that it’s not possible to get a date, later this year, but times are weird and hard on all of us, so who knows what might be possible after all? Especially when you are flexible yourselves. Of course it’s amazing to get married on saturday, but what if it is possible to get married on another day in a period that you would like?? Why not?? You and your guests will have the same amazing day, without a doubt!

#TIP 5: Talk to all your suppliers about a new date and not just your venue. That way everybody feels seen and heard and a lot more will be possible for you.

I read about people postponing their wedding a whole year. I want to give you a little insight in what this means for us suppliers. Last week I read a post about a couple wanting to do this, but their venue charged an extra deposit for next year. “They want to make money out of this crisis!”, is what someone even said. I just want to say, this is 100% NOT the case. For us as wedding vendors, our income comes from weddings. If everybody cancels or postpones to next year, we will not have an income this year. No weddings, simply means, no income, and no income means, going broke and close your business. Also for that great venue, that you wanted so much! Also for us as wedding photographers…:-(

#TIP 6: Since we just started up in Norway, we have enough room from august 2020, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you still need a photographer.


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